Committees and Groups

Independent Senators Group (ISG)

Senator Hartling is a member of the Independent Senators Group, a recognized parliamentary group in the Senate formed on March 10, 2016. The group was formed to provide non-affiliated (independent) senators with representation on committees and funding equivalent to those of partisan caucuses, and is now the largest parliamentary group in the Senate.

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Committees are at the core of the Senate's work. They are recognized for their major contribution to legislation and public policy. Committees were called "the heart and soul of the Senate" by Senator Muriel McQueen Fergusson, the first woman Speaker of the Senate, because of their focus on social, economic and political issues. Find all the information you need on Senate Committees here.

Committees study bills and propose amendments; in addition, they undertake special studies to gather information on topics of importance to the public.

Senator Hartling is currently a member of the following committees:



In addition, Senator Hartling is a member of the All-Party Caucus on Mental Health.